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Misha Responder – Student Reporting System

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Misha Responder – Student Reporting System

SMS School Management Software -A Tool To Get Intimation about The School Student

The time has gone when you had to worry about your children, whether they have reached the school or have bunked the class, these are few facts that comes in the mind of each parent. Latest technology is like a boon to the parents to keep an eye on the students. Misha Responder offers Parents a safe hand to keep a watch on their child. The comfort level of the parent is increased and the feeling of relaxation and security is provided with such technology driven products. Responder is a powerful administration tool that matches the world class level of Management Information System (MIS). The product is an assortment of automated communication system along with Biometric Identification, SMS Notification and complete school automation. It is equipped with extensive features that assures the school administration and parents as well.

The Circumstances-
  • Parents do not have much time to spend in the children’s upbringing and that is the major issue occurring recently. But the high competition has increased the concern for children and the parents and education system need to play a vital role and focus on complete development of their children.
  • Need for Monitoring Tool to keep a track on Student’s disciplines.
  • Lesser usage of accessible data is a hindrance in educational development.
  • Lack of proper methods to communicate with the parents, intimate and security of the students in the educational institution
  • Bunking- The concern of parents gave birth to the need of the proper school management system in which the parents receive the SMS when their child Bunk the school. This method is more effective than calling a teacher to be a defaulter.
Misha Responder Acts As A Resolution Of Each Issue:-
  • An actual SMS is intimated on the parent’s cell phone indicating them through actual attendance.
  • SMS is sent to parents whenever the student reaches the school or college premise at a definite time.
  • Misha Responder supports in comprehensive data storage ranging from lower class to the graduate level as well as professional courses.
  • Improves the communication between the parents and the institutions via SMS.
  • Supports in monitoring the student’s regulation acts and notify parents as well as institutions.
  • Helps to create child awareness among the parents in schools and colleges
  • Communication of vital messages related to discipline, timings and sensitive issues to the parents. Entire messages are delivered to the database in a few minutes.
  • Easy customization helps to add more features as per the need of the institutions.

Misha Responder is based on the SMS Plug-In services. The integration of robust system and easy interactive SMS tool helps to get child’s information on Mobile Phone. It is considered as an easily customizable system which is ready to fulfill each need. Updated records can be kept by the educational centers and parents with the help of the Responder, thus emphasizing on the complete development of the children.

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