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What is a TikTok clone & Dubsmash clone?

Video sharing has hit the market by storm and is becoming the most trending app in the social media ecosystem. Users use this platform to express themselves for the world to see and get entertained. The market has witnessed no slowdown and numerous players are trying to get a piece of the delicious pie. Keep users engaged for hours and glued to their devices with your very own app created from our TikTok Clone Script, Dubsmash Clone Script and Musically Clone Script. From Our TikTok Like App Development solution offers you the most advanced app, comprising of cutting-edge features to keep you on the trending page, always!

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Tiktok Clone Script

Features Pre-packed In Our
TikTok Clone Script

TikTok clone app

Sign up/Login

Users can register with the app using their email addresses, phone numbers, or social media accounts. The registered credentials can be used for logging in.

TikTok clone app

Privacy Settings

Users can change their privacy settings as per their preferences. They can publish their video content only to their followers or the public.

TikTok clone app

Home Section

It is the section of the app that appears when you log in to the application. Here, all pages are listed for easy accessibility.

TikTok clone app

Create and Manage Profile

Users can create, manage, and edit their profiles, with their details like name, photo, contact details, and more.

TikTok clone app

Create Video

Users can create videos where they can express their talents by lip-syncing to the audio file available in the app. They can dance, share their expressions, and more via the platform.

TikTok clone app

Post Video

Users can post their videos created through the platform with a description, hashtags, etc. They can also tag locations and other users in their videos.

TikTok clone app

Discover Videos

Users can search for specific videos of other users by browsing for the users, hashtags, or using a search term.

TikTok clone app

Apply Filter to Videos

Users can apply various filters available in the app to their videos while sharing it on their profiles. The filter option helps in enhancing the visual effects of the videos.

TikTok clone app

Watch Video

Users can watch videos shared by other users on the video-sharing platform. They can double-tap to like, comment, and share it with other users. They can also see the location and user details tagged in the video.

TikTok clone app

In-app Push Notifications

Users will be notified about trending videos, hashtags, videos of people they follow, and more via in-app notifications.

TikTok clone app

My Favourite Sounds

Users can save the soundtracks that they find interesting in their profiles and use them while creating their videos.

TikTok clone app

Comment on Videos

Users can comment on videos of other users. They can share their opinion about the content seamlessly with this feature.

TikTok clone app

View User Profile

Users can view profiles of other users and their videos. They can share, like, and follow the profiles that they find exciting and entertaining.

TikTok clone app

View and Like Post

Users can view the posts shared by other users on the platform. They can like it if they find it creative.

TikTok clone app


Users can manage their profiles with several settings options, including view app content, share their profiles with others, and many more.

Of Our Video On-demand Solution

Solutions in-built with several top-notch features to offer a glitch-free, customized user experience on multiple devices.

Customizable SolutionsOur VOD apps are highly customizable and scalable products, allowing you to add any integrations at a later date without any issue.

Cloud ServicesHost your video streaming platform on a reliable cloud system to harness the power of high-definition video streaming without interruptions.

Video PlayerOur apps include built-in video players to make sure your video content is compatible and responsive on all digital assistant devices.

Web & TV AppsWe build not only mobile applications, but also web and TV apps for your VOD platform to help you reach large segments of your potential users.

Content ManagementTake control of your OTT platform by effectively managing the available video content through the powerful panel.

Video DistributionWe deploy effective strategies to deliver your content among large audiences, extending a delay-free, enriched user experience.

Extensive Offerings Of Our VOD Solutions

TVODTransactional Video On Demand (TVOD) is a video streaming model where users are bound to pay for each VOD content to view them.

SVODIn Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD), users can avail of the full video streaming services by subscribing to them on a monthly or yearly basis.

NVODNear Video On Demand (NVOD) is a pay-per-view model that allows users to watch videos anytime, without needing to sign in at a specific time.

PVODPush Video On Demand (PVOD) is a business model where the trending videos will get loaded automatically on the users’ devices so they can watch them anytime they prefer.

AVODIn Advertise-based Video On Demand (AVOD), users can avail of the video content for free. Here, they pay the service provider with their views instead of the subscription fee.

Catch-up TVHere, users can view a specific TV show that was broadcasted on a previous date through the VOD platform.

Video Streaming Solution
For Varied Industries

  • Media
    On-demand video streaming on various genres

  • Music
    Live and recorded music streaming

  • Education
    On-demand streaming of tutorials and webinars

  • Corporate
    Streaming of live and recorded videos to encourage employees

  • Sports
    Live streaming of popular sport matches

  • Government
    Video communication with citizens

  • Religious Networks
    Broadcasting special events and ceremonies

  • Radio & TV
    Streaming of TV shows, FMs & music labels

TikTok Clone
An Ensemble Of Blue-chip Features And Functionalities

  • 1

    Sign inUsers can sign in to the app effortlessly by giving their email address, phone number and password.

  • 2

    Login By entering their username and password or their social media accounts, the existing users can start exploring limitless contents.

  • 3

    HashtagsNo more excuses for staying out of trends! With the hashtags, users can explore millions of trending videos and images.

  • 4

    PostAnyone can share for the world to know about their loved ones by sharing photos and videos.

  • 5

    Multi liveMissing out any moments is a forgone story, with the app's multi live. The users can utilize the live streaming feature and go live with multiple friends to share their precious moments.

  • 6

    Follow hashtags Running out of content about their favourites is out of the question now. Users can follow the hashtags and get their home page filled with thousands of contents.

  • 7

    VideosAnyone can flaunt their talents and get famous instantly by lip-syncing and performing dance or expressions with uploaded audio tracks.

  • 8

    Profile's videosUsers can upload their videos and save them to their profiles for the world to see their creativity and skills.

  • 9

    Home pageThe app's home page will always be curated with the user's followers' videos to get entertained without any lags.

  • 10

    Video filtersUsers could enhance their beauty and video quality with various effects, editing tools and filters.

  • 11

    Like, comment and shareEveryone can share their opinions on other users' videos by liking, commenting and sharing them on other social media platforms too!

  • 12

    Write textThey can add text to their images and videos while also applying filters along with it.

  • 13

    StickersUsers can upload their video as a perfect package of their skills and creativity by applying stickers.

  • 14

    ChannelUsers can create their channels and upload the videos they think is the best channel for a better reach.

  • 15

    MusicIt is not just the already available audios, but they can also create audio tracks by dubbing their voice and making videos with it.

Revenue Model
Of Our VOD Platforms

You can generate revenue from your on-demand video streaming platforms in various ways, including:

SubscriptionsAllow users to access the video content on your platform by subscribing to your VOD services on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. It is a great way to generate revenue consistently.

Freemium ModelHere, you can provide some video content free of cost. However, users have to pay a specific amount to avail of certain video content. This model helps you gain a steady user base due to the availability of free video content.

AdvertisementsYou can earn revenue by displaying adverts before streaming the requested video content. You can also allow users to watch videos without ads by paying an ad cancellation fee. Either way, you can earn assured income. This model can be implemented together with the subscription-based or freemium model.

How Do Our Video Streaming Solutions
Profit Your Business?

  • Social Media Integration

    Users are allowed to sign up with your VOD application using their social media accounts. We have integrated the app with several social media platforms for the same.

  • Customized Experience

    The apps we build are capable of behavioral tracking, i.e., collecting browsing and viewing patterns of users, to offer related video suggestions.

  • Location-based Suggestions

    Users are provided with video suggestions based on the region they are located in. The apps include the geolocation tracking feature to find user locations.

  • Reviews & Ratings

    Our apps allow users to rate their app experience and share their feedback, helping you to keep the service quality in check and enhance the user experience if needed.

  • Multilingual Support

    Our VOD platform includes several regional languages, empowering users to view content on the languages they prefer. It helps app owners to scale their business globally.

  • Advanced Analytics

    The app generates advanced analytical reports based on the user data and presents the admin with graphical representation, helping them make informed business decisions.

Make Big Bucks With TikTok Clone App!

  • In-app PurchaseChannelize your revenue stream by following this revenue model—a fantastic way to make a profit, by offering some advanced features to the users. A win-win situation, to be precise!

  • Venture CapitalLayout good ideas for your business and connect with top investors to invest in your mobile app. Best returns for your efforts is sure!

  • AdvertisingGroup your target audience, learn from their dislikes/likes, age etc. and display apps to attract them. A combo of different profits like cost-per-click, cost-per-mille is yours to grab!

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