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Software Quality Assurance

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Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance-A Drive Towards Excellence!

Quality Assessment for Software Testing

To maintain the quality of any product, it is wise to perform its testing. For software quality assurance, software testing and quality control is necessary. Both the term software testing and quality control are interrelated and the below diagram illustrates the relationships between the two. A transitional phase that ensures quality of products.

Misha Infotech is committed to provide projects of outstanding quality. Some of the benefits are:-
  • Independent QA division and the development teams.
  • Mature, Transparent and Consistent upgradation in the QA processes.
  • Qualified QA staffs with extensive skill, administrative knowledge and dexterity to excel.
  • Good experience in on-time completion of projects.
  • Proficiency in both manual and automated functioning and testing of stress.
  • Our experience in fine management to accomplish all the testing stages.
  • Amalgamation of the processes when required.
Software QA is playing a leading role:

Practicing and integrating the strict quality assurance methodology is effective for best software development. Misha Infotech delivers any project after passing through the quality assurance. After extensive experience, we have recovered that QA enhances the quality of the software and reduces the TCO. Quality assurances for the Custom business solutions , software products and SaaS systems are provided.

The mitigation risks of custom business solution are reduced and mis-communication of business requirement is also minimized. All the possibilities for system failures is acknowledged and diminished through QA.

The susceptibility of flaws and deficiencies in the software product and services is high. And, since the company’s sales and revenues completely depends upon the quality of the products and services. Assurance of QA is necessary for new start ventures or start ups. Quality assurance plays a vital role in the long term success of the company.

Misha Infotech is here to serve distinguished Software Development Companies and System Integrators. Application of QA methodology improves the quality of every project. Assurance of the seamless functionality of the modules provides complete functional, technical and architectural satisfaction.

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