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Delivery Model

Misha Infotech tends to provide the extensive business-transaction comfort, complete control over higher quality, define own goal and earn affordable solutions.

Attain cost effective strategies, better performances, tailored services, aligned strategies and higher institutions on various projects. Misha Infotech focus to fulfill the extensive requisite and services classified on diverse projects in four categories of delivery models.

  • Delivery Model Offshore
  • Delivery Model Client Site
  • Delivery Model Mix
  • Delivery Model Partnership

All the four categories assures high quality and complete control in order to build better business co-ordination and good relationship among the professionals.

Delivery Model Offshore- Cost-effective support

Misha Infotech, an offshore company, shows excellent performance in the project development. This model instigates all the performances ranging from research on the projects to its deployment, performance and testing. Offshore model provides profitable solutions at affordable rates to achieve the target without making any changes. The project manager takes hold on the management and communication on the projects to deliver tasks on time. The model ensures the prescribed solution for a skilled team at reduced cost.

Delivery Model Client Site – Assurance of eminent quality

Most projects with extensive divergence and variability require consistent meeting, which is more preferred. The diverse location, time, non- communication and misapprehension is few concerns that are emphasized while providing service. In this model, the talented and experienced professionals are appointed as per the client need. After the completion of the project, the professionals can be deployed again at the request of the client. To achieve higher performances, prior consultation, upholding, services and use the skill, clients permission is necessary. Observation of standard quality is necessary to get the best result.

Delivery Model Mix– Reduction of delivery time

A perfect model to deliver the outstanding result of performances. The task of the client is performed by deploying the professionals at the client’s site. In order to keep both the end performing well the employees are also deployed in the offshore development center. Both on-site and offshore development services, supports to define the projects according to the market need. All the information and procedures are carried on by the team deployed as the consultant, manager and developers on the client’s server. Such model is advantageous through extensive operations.

Model Partnership – Extensive Services

Model partnerships are specifically designed to support those clients who are looking forward to work for a long term. Deployment of dedicated offshore development unit consists of developers, engineers and project managers each with great expertise. It is necessary for continuity of projects while taking up technical support, according to the market need. A perfect model that delivers complete peace of mind, fanatical solutions and huge profit is definitely promised through this model Partnership.

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