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Pricing Models

All software development companies work on their own pricing model and they are proud of their existence. While conducting business, it is important to work on ones own ethics and price as well. Misha Infotech also works on its ethics and on the basis of the prescribed pricing model. Clients can choose the service as per the pricing model prescribed by the company.

Here are the three pricing models prescribed by Misha Infotech:-
  • Fixed Cost- Under a fixed cost pricing model, a definite amount is charged for the service provided to the client at the completion of the projects.
  • Hourly Model-In the hourly model, payment is made on the basis of the number of hours worked on the completion of projects.
  • Dedicated Team-Dedicated Team- The pricing model depends on the tasks performed by the dedicated team. It is one of the innovative concept in which team of professionals is assigned to the clients to work on their projects. In such circumstances, the client holds complete control over the project and the employee working on those projects. The company providing the pool of professionals intrudes only on the intimation of the client. Such pricing model is high in demand recently.
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