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Launch Your Blockchain Based Smart Contract MLM Software!

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business involves several people structured in a pyramid marketing model. It is a system that keeps expanding and gaining more users, which demands a solution like our Smart contract MLM software that handles the entire process seamlessly, along with establishing transparency in the operations.

Employing smart contracts in the MLM system makes it easy to manage the entire process, along with eliminating the intervention of third-parties. Also, the protocols are predefined and immutable, making it impossible to alter them. At Misha Infotech, we built MLM software that runs on Ethereum and TRON, offering the highest level of security and top-notch performance. Contact us to join this emerging business trend right away!

Why is TRON preferred over other Blockchain Systems for MLM?

What’s the better way than reinforcing your Smart Contract based MLM with the TRON blockchain! Besides the self-executing nature of smart contracts and the subsequent overtone of pristine security, take a peek at the top reasons why successful MLM entrepreneurs go forward with the TRON route.

  • Zero Transaction Fee

    Contrary to cryptos like ETH, BTC, etc., TRX mandates absolutely no transaction fee.

  • No Middle-Men

    TRON knocks out the need for the nagging presence of intermediaries in transactions.

  • P2P Transactions

    Facilitates seamless and superfast transactions at an astonishingly affordable cost.

  • Low Expense Rate

    The deployment of TRON smart contracts shrinks the cumulative rate of expenses.

  • High Profits

    Channelizes revenue from a multitude of pronounced income streams concurrently.

  • Customizable Rewards

    The TRX rewards can be wholesomely customized to resonate with your matrix schemes.

  • Multiple Payment Methods

    Leveraging a global user base is a commonality with the TRON blockchain-based MLM.

  • Easy Tracking

    Stellar safety and security enabled by transaction tracking are synonymous with TRON.

How to Switch from Ethereum Smart Contracts to the TRON Blockchain?

Unlike other blockchain systems, TRON has tremendously simplified the switching process from the Ethereum network to TRON as the ecosystem migration has never been this easy. With an official switching framework in place, TRON has eliminated the concerns of misexecutions and data loss and implied its inherent immutability.

The TRON protocol replaces the process of setting up smart contracts powered by ether and Gas with its TRX and Sun. Similar to what ether and Gas are to the Ethereum blockchain, TRX is the primary currency, and Sun is the representative of fractions of TRX operating in the TRON network.

The Problem

Incompetent Traditional MLM Business Model

The conventional MLM business had a lot of drawbacks, including:

  • Dubiety

    It becomes impossible for emerging MLM businesses to build trust among their customers.

  • No Transparency

    Users couldn’t access the information and their transaction details, lacking transparency in the system.

  • Mutability

    The businesses had the option to change their incentive programs, leaving their users stranded and clueless about their income.

  • Late Transactions

    Transactions processed by users took a long time to reflect in accounts, delaying the functionality of the whole system.

The Answer

Smart Contract MLM Software

MLM businesses backed by smart contracts and blockchain technology addressed all the pain points of users, offering a chance to scale big:

  • Assurance

    Since the MLM model is backed by blockchain, users are assured that the system is credible and safe to invest and grow.

  • Transparency

    All data are stored in a distributed public ledger allowing users on the network to access them anytime.

  • Immutability

    The MLM system is highly immutable, terminating businesses from changing them on a later date.

  • Faster Transactions

    Being powered by blockchain, the entire process is automated, eliminating human intervention and fastening the transaction speed.

Complete List of Features

Ultrafast Transactions

Enrich the MLM operations with transactions that are as fast as a flash as TRON applications are known to process over 2000 transactions per second. Reliable and resilient!

Robust Network

Expedite the processing capabilities of your MLM system with the precisely predefined protocols of the TRON blockchain that handles massive workload without a hitch.

Secure Storage

With LevelD and KhaosDB storage integrations, the MLM solution is guaranteed to perform consistently at the maximal efficiency and effectiveness.

Immutable Smart Contracts

Drench your users with exceptional security by embedding the MLM system with self-executing smart contracts that anyone cannot modify or edit.

P2P Transactions

To augment the stellar performance of MLM's operations, the TRON smart contract software enables protected and trackable P2P transactions immediately.

Ethereum Compatibility

Switching from the Ethereum blockchain to the TRON system is unbelievably comfortable. The smart contracts designed to run on EVM can be devised to operate on the TRON blockchain hassle-free.

Transaction Transparency

An elevated sense of security and permanence is characterized by the ability to view the proof of transactions anywhere in the blockchain. This way, every transaction is recorded.

Security Integrations

On the grounds of establishing the invincibility of the TRON MLM against fraudulent digital attacks, features like SQL injection prevention, DDoS mitigation, etc., are deployed.

Develop Your Dream TRON Smart Contract MLM Software at an Unbeatable Price!

Why Choose Us for TRON smart contract MLM Development?

  • Expertise With an experience exceeding a decade in TRON-enabled blockchain technology, we have mastered the art of conferring our clients with avant-garde TRON based MLM solutions.

  • Customizable Smart ContractsWe employ novel technologies to reimagine smart contracts based on your prescribed requirements and specifications in order to reverberate with your business model.

  • Transparent Development ProcessEvery single stage of the development process is duly notified and proceeds only after your complete approval in addition to the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

  • First-Rate QualityWe compromise on anything but quality; hence every single solution of us is identified with longevity and sustained relevancy in the ever-changing business arena.

  • 360° SupportRight from conception to post-deployment, we exert our best efforts to provide round-the-clock technical and business support to our clients in an unwavering manner.

Hire Our TRON smart contract MLM Developer

At Misha Infotech, we strive to proffer a perfect blend of futuristic blockchain technology and functional business sensibilities of MLM in the form of the TRON smart contract-based MLM software. Our in-house blockchain experts have been in the scheme of things of TRON blockchain technology ever since its inception and have deduced the nitty-gritty of what it takes to develop a business-oriented MLM solution based on TRON blockchain. With an array of plentiful engagement modes, we tune anything from mild to wild as far as app development is concerned. Hire our TRON smart contract MLM developers at affordable prices today!

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