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As a web development company Misha Infotech offers Web Development Services to its clients across the globe and in India to cater to custom requirements of business. Misha Infotech enables clients to make business sense of the internet and intranet networks by consolidating web presence and activism to create value for clients. Misha Infotech combines leadership in technology for web development with experience and expertise of its web developers to offer a comprehensive portfolio of web development comprising custom web development, portal development, CMS development, payment gateway development database development and e-commerce solutions. Misha Infotech backs its brilliance in technology with customer centric behavior and process discipline to deliver web based solutions to clients within the client specified parameters of functionality, performance, and cost efficiency and delivery deadlines. Misha Infotech adopts a customer centric model based on frugal innovation to tackle client challenges of web development head on. Misha Infotech has developed and deployed effective context specific web solutions for clients of diverse business verticals and size. Over time the company has transformed into a trusted and leading web solutions vendor producing a wide range of services backed by a world class support services team that walks the talk with clients through real time collaboration for trouble shooting.

Web Development Services Portfolio of Misha Infotech

Misha Infotech has over time expanded its width of expertise and experience over web development solutions to achieve quality leadership in the market. The company has taken up, developed and deployed complex web based projects for clients to perfectly fit into the templates of their business requirements. Since its inception Misha Infotech has improvised, institutionalized and sustained excellence in the domain of web services. Categorized as services the portfolio of Misha Infotech consists of:

Web Development Company

These services are premised on competence over the following technical domains:


Our Technical Expertise

AJAX Framework Prototype, JQuery, Yahoo UI Library
Frameworks CakePHP Framework , CodeIgniter Framework (CI), Zend Framework, Symfony (PHP Web application Framework), YII PHP Framework
Databases MySQL 5.x, PostgreSQL
Open Source Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla

Microsoft ASP.NET (C# & VB.NET)
Open Source NHibernate, Log4Net, Spring.NET, Quartz.NET
Databases SQL Server 2005/2008, Oracle 8i/9i/10g
Web and Desktop Applications ASP.NET (MVC3), ASP.NET 3.5/4.0 (C# / VB.NET) Web Services, AJAX, Windows Workflow Foundation, Silverlight, Sharepoint

Mobile (iOS/Android/Windows/Blackberry)
Blackberry BlackBerry Java DE, Eclipse, BlackBerry Theme Studio, Java ME, BlackBerry SDK, Java
iOS (iPhone/iPad) iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch, Xcode, Objective-C
Windows Mobile MS Visual Studio, .NET Compact Framework, Visual Basic, C#
Android Eclipse, Android SDK, Android Native Development Kit (NDK), Android DT (ADT), Java

Benefits of Outsourcing Web Development Services

Internet is not just a technology concept. It is an engine of business growth which if driven with astute technical excellence and business sense opens up new avenues of growth. At the heart of the technological dimension of globalization is the integration of business and technology over the World Wide Web. Misha Infotech enables clients realize the benefits of web development by deploying solutions for client challenges to business growth on diverse platforms that run on the web. From desktops, laptops, mobiles, enterprise application, database and e-commerce Misha Infotech streamlines web based business processes and online business models. Outsourcing web development services to the right vendor enables client organizations to laser focus on what they are best at doing-their core business. Outsourcing web services relieves companies of resource hiring and engagement for handling technology. Moreover it enables companies to achieve significant cost efficiency by procuring web associated technological requirements from vendors who have the advantage of returns to scale on account of repeating best practices in the development of online and web based services. Quality of web service is enhanced by outsourcing it to vendors who have the requisite expertise and experience of handling web applications development. Moreover it makes business sense to outsource web application development to vendor companies rather than maintaining idle capacity of human resources for projects that last only short terms. In all respects outsourcing of online application development enables a business to accrue the benefits of the web with a lean organizational commitment and resource engagement.

Client Challenges

Client challenges to advanced web development exist not with the concept of outsourcing but with vendor companies that are entrusted with the job. Outsourcing of web development to the right vendor implies the fulfilment of a complete matrix of right product, right price, right time, right place and right people. The interplay of pricing strategy for web services, process discipline encompassing customer centric behaviour, context specific problem solving and on time delivery, innovation in development process and quality analysis before deployment at the client site determine the success of outsourcing. Moreover modern day development for web goes beyond delivering cost value by administering commodities with a “me too” approach. It calls for a transformation from cost based models of development to value based models to enable the client to make a move from efficiency to effectiveness.

What Misha Infotech Offers for Website Development?

Misha Infotech addresses client challenges by combining technical competencies of web application developers with the merits of a highly customized delivery model that is customer centric and recognizes the necessity to come up with solutions to individual requirements. Misha Infotech premises its delivery mechanism on individualization- no two clients, client requirements and client business situations are same. The business consulting team along with the support services staff ensure an under promise and over delivery to consolidate the web bases business process of clients.

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"Recently, I engaged Shubhanshu Garg and Ruchika Wadhwa to construct a website for my company. I found their work to be accurate and visually appealing. And the site functioned on the first round. When issues arose, they quickly remedied them. And they met their deadlines. We also found their work to be reasonably priced. I highly recommend them."

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