Software Application Development and Maintenance Solutions

Application development and maintenance solutions from Misha Infotech comprises of programming, documenting, software testing, quality analysis and bug fixing that culminates in the delivery of a software product within the parameters of cost estimates and time frame specified by our clients. The application development process of Misha Infotech encompasses the latest agile software development methodology thus integrating the best results from cross functional teams. Our application development services span across the entire spectrum of the software development cycle cutting across software need identification, planning, designing, implementation, deployment, maintenance and migration. Each stage of the software application development process is tailor made to fit into the templates of business requirements of our clients.

Software Application Development and maintenance Services

Software Application Development & Integration

Application development and integration services from Misha Infotech enable seamless sharing of disparate application, functionalities and data repositories across the environments of the operator, suppliers, partners and customers thus enabling diverse stakeholder groups to work collaboratively by eliminating the business risks of coordination failure. Cross functional teams of application developers and business consulting experts leverage information technology assets to reduce operating costs, automate business processes, provide application upgrades and increase the transparency in business flows.

Application Development Service & Integration Benefits

Web Application development assumes great business value in the context of automation of business processes. Application development services from Misha Infotech are delivered from the initial stage of software need identification to maintenance & migration in consultation with the client. Our developer team after meeting the client offers a pilot study of the project. This pilot study covers the technical specifications of the software product, design aspects, deployment process highlights, bug fixing services, cost estimates and project cycle time. Work is executed completely in sync with the pilot study and the client is briefed at each stage of the project. Throughout the project life time Misha Infotech adheres to the highest standards of process discipline and transparency to abide by the common ground of understanding with the client. We also provide post development stage support to our clients to not only fulfil but exceed promises of contracts to consolidate relationship with clients.

Application integration services create tremendous business impact for organizations that work on large scale projects involving multiple data repositories, diverse applications, multiple teams and diverse stakeholder groups. Each stakeholder group or team essentially represents a community of people who have distinct yet inter-related operating environments, applications, functionalities and data sets. In conditions of autarky (without application integration) barriers emerge in the forms of legacy applications, lack of a homogeneous operating environment and non accessibility to each others resources resulting in coordination failure and violation of compliance, regulatory and governance norms. This business challenge can be referred to as a classic 'prisoners dilemma' situation. Application integration brings all communities within the same operating environment and seamless data sharing enhances transparency to resolve the above mentioned challenges thereby enhancing productivity with quality, higher visibility of each others business flows that creates trust in business relationships and reduces the cycle time of operations. Large scale projects become easy to simplify, plan, execute, monitor and control.

Client Challenges

The business context in which clients seek application development services is defined by specifications of technical functionality and performance. More over application development as an enabler of business process automation is tied to cost efficiency issues. Post the Aapplication development and deployment stage clients wish to avert challenges of institutional memory associated with bug fixing and trouble shooting. Delivery of software applications within stated cost and time estimates entails process discipline failing which there are risks posed to the business process of the client.

Client challenges in application integration stem from the potential pitfalls of legacy applications and systems, diverse operating environments and fragmented data repositories of teams of diverse functionalities. This results in high operating costs, coordination failure and delays in business processes on account of breakage points in work flow and business flow.

What Misha Infotech offers?

Application development services from Misha Infotech are delivered from concept to commissioning stages to create business value through scalability, collaborative support, assurance of quality through multiple rounds of software testing and quality analysis at the hands of our quality control team and process discipline that is closely monitored by the business consulting team. This implies not just fulfilment of promises and compliance with contracts but consolidation of relationships based on under promising and over delivery.The technical team follows significant approach for development. They work jointly to accomplish full lifecycle application projects through complete analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration.

The professional possess great expertise and utilize the experience of diverse arenas to meet the most challenging IT problems. Our technological expertise, architectural solutions and capability enables to integrate and acquire new capabilities using great management skills. The emerging technology supports businesses in diverse ways.

The techno geeks utilize their expertise and skill to support the global market by streamlining, managing and maximizing all systems, applications and enterprise platforms including:-

  • Java/J2EE
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Portals and content management
  • Messaging and integration

Application integration services from Misha Infotech provide a captive supplier environment of operating. This implies that cycle time of operations is reduced. Our services are delivered to enable our clients to provide just in time solutions to partners, suppliers, customers and distributors. It created a risk free business flow across the value chain concerned with a higher level of transparencyof each others business processes.

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