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Misha Infotech is a custom application development services providers based in India offering a complete suite of application development services to clients across the globe. Custom application development at Misha Infotech is based on agile software development methodology that emphasizes on adaptability. The custom software application development services of Misha Infotech are premised on the paradigm of customer centric behaviour and frugal innovation for local problem solving. The custom software development model used by the application developer team adheres to the three legged stool as a test for the degree of customization that we offer.

How do we Create Value through Custom Software Application Development Model?

The model of software application development must in the first place create value for the clients’ business. We further simplify the value proposition being offered through our services of custom development into four types: utility, cost, exchange and esteem value. Clients asking for functionality and performance seek utility value creation in their business model for higher customer satisfaction. Clients asking for cost value seek cost reduction in business processes by elimination of redundant steps in the business process map and thus higher financial efficiency. Clients seeking exchange value seek collaborative excellence in business processes involving multiple stakeholder groups like partners, suppliers, distributors and resellers. Clients asking for esteem value seek exclusive branded services of application development to build a unique competitive advantage in the industry.

Secondly, our software application development model is designed to offer our clients a non-imitable value proposition so that they can stay ahead of their competitors in the industry by instituting unique core competencies in the business process.

Thirdly, our custom application development model is based on offering a strategic fit with the template of business conditions that are specific to the client’s context. We assess the extent to which the customized software application fits in with the business requirements of the client. Our software application development team collaborates with the business consulting team to create software products that are extensively customized to perfectly fit into the parameters of cost, functionality, project delivery schedules and support services for deployment, installation and troubleshooting if required.

Custom Application Development Competency

Client Challenges

Client challenges in software application development services initiates with issues of process discipline, commoditization and business viability of custom applications.

Prima facie, the major issue to be addressed in the development of customized software applications is that of process discipline. Process discipline encompasses technical parameters of the software product required by the client, adherence to pre determined cost estimates set in consensus with clients and maintaining cost control across the due course of the project of software application development and delivering the project within promised and formally encoded and agreed upon deadlines. Delays at any stage of the development cycle spill over the adjoining stages and thus results in working capital blockage of the client.

Second, comes the issue of commoditization. There is no such thumb rule of customization of software application that can forcefully fit in one size for all. Commoditization stems from deviation from software requirement planning done during the pilot study. Inability of application developers to build key product differentiators may result in junk software product development that does not cater to the business requirements of the client. Business viability of the software product if compromised upon increases the risk factor in the business process map of clients.

What Misha Infotech Offers: Our Specialized Services for Custom Application Development

Misha Infotech offers solutions to the client challenges of process discipline, commoditization and economic viability of the software product developed. The process of development of customized software application for a client begins with a software requirement identification based on the information shared by the client. This serves as the blue print for the strategic control of the complete software development cycle. A feasibility analysis of the software product requirement is conducted by the business consulting team to assess the alignment of business and technology goals of the client. If required we make suggestions to the client for greater cost reduction, functionality addition or add-on features to improve the performance of the software product being conceived. The clients get to monitor every step of the project and are briefed on the successive developments in the project. The agile software development methodology adopted by Misha Infotech allows for predominance of individuals and interaction over processes and tools, working software over comprehensive documentation and customer collaboration over contractual compliance and strategic responses to changes over fixed plans to customize its software application offerings. Over the years Misha Infotech has instituted time tested models of highest quality standards, best software application development talent and process discipline that is an outcome of years of experience in handling large scale projects for blue chip companies and cost based projects for small and medium business enterprises.

Benefits of Custom Software Application Development

Benefits of custom software application development are spread across primitive technical ones, collaborative excellence, and economic efficiency to gains from non-imitable sources of sustainable competitive advantage in the market for the client. First allows for the development of tailor made software products to suit exact client requirements. Second it allows for spontaneous innovations for local level problem solving by engaging in interactions with the client during the course of the development process. Third the customized software product becomes non-imitable thereby lending the client a definite sustainable competitive advantage over its competitors in the industry.

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